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      What to Do If the Concrete Floor is Too Hard to Cut it Off

      • January 03, 2020
      The concrete floor grinder is a machine specifically design to grind the concrete floor. It can grind, level, and polish the floor, so that the coatings and loose layers on the floor surface can be removed. However, the actual concrete floor conditions are different, it can be soft,or hard, or ash, or damage, or uneven etc. If you encounter an extremely hard floor, even the floor grinding machine can't cut it off, what should we do at this time?
      concrete floor grinding and polishing machine
      1. Change the small one to a large concrete grinder or put an extra weight on it to increase the grinding pressure
      2. Use soft bond grinding pads,or sharper abrasives diamond grinding discs, or low grit of concrete grinding plates.
      3. Reduce the rotation speed and forward speed of the floor grinder.
      4. Wet the concrete surface, or use wet grinding.

      Whether it is a floor grinder, or diamond abrasive grinding pads or other concrete grinding materials, it is necessary to choose the appropriate one according to the floor conditions, so as to facilitate the floor construction.

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